Photo by  David Maziarz

Photo by David Maziarz

Melting Man

I paint depictions of an alter ego called Melting Man. Melting Man is an existential and aspirational figure developed to better cope with the anxiety of our digital times and the age of climate change. This character is often compiled of warm abstract shapes and layers of amorphous blobs, made with acrylic paint, ink, and scraps of paper, on wood, canvas or found materials. Melting Man, as his name suggests, is usually depicted in a state of constant melting and flux. Sometimes he floats within surreal landscapes like a spirit, wearing glasses to see revelations or eternal truths. Melting Man bears witness. These are not grotesque or dismal scenes in a tragic narrative. Melting Man’s quest is brightly colored, inside the Realm of Possibility. He searches for meaning, beauty, courage, his muse, and others like him. This plunge into personal mythology is a liberating and fertile playground that is constantly generating new ideas and variations. It encourages me to experiment in my process, renderings and materials, yielding unexpected results. Melting Man, in parallel to my own growth and struggles, tries to make sense of his own creativity and an uncertain world, while overcoming archenemies like villainous self-doubt, draining distraction, and pervasive fear.